Privacy Policy

ReSPR Technologies is a company specialized in the distribution of air purifiers for commercial use, hospital, healthcare environments, food processing, restaurant industry, offices, buildings, hotels and leisure, schools, kindergartens, dentists, medical offices, industrial units, home room and more. The headquarters are located at Pasaje Río Ulla, nave 5 (esquina Pasaje Rio Sil) – Pol. Ind. Trévenez, 29196, Malaga, Spain.

You can contact ReSPR Technologies at the indicated postal address, and through the email, or by calling +34 952 004 975.

What do we want to tell you in our Privacy Policy?

We want to inform you of everything related to the obtaining and processing of personal data through ReSPR Technologies.

We also want to inform you in a clear and transparent way about everything that we consider useful and necessary so that you can know and decide on the treatment of your personal data through ReSPR Technologies.

Who is the Privacy Policy addressed to?

The privacy policy is addressed to all users of the ReSPR Technologies website and to those who provide their data in accordance with our privacy policy.

All users who deposit their personal data in a form, both for contact and for subscription to the newsletter.

In either case, in order for you to provide us with your personal data, you must have previously accepted the Privacy Policy and emphasize that you want your data to be collected.

What personal data do we collect?

The data that we obtain from ReSPR Technologies can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Those data that the user wants to provide voluntarily, such as comments, in the forms or by e-mail.
  • Email and full name of the users who subscribe to our newsletter.
  • The time when the data is recorded, the date and the IP.

Can you provide your personal data to third parties?

At ReSPR Technologies we do not provide our data to third parties. In the case of using data for third parties, you will always see it specified before accepting them.

Why do we ask for your consent?

Your consent is essential so that we can obtain your data. Our relationship is based on your providing us with your consent to process your data, and we will not proceed to do so if you do not expressly give it to us.

At ReSPR Technologies you are confirming that you provide us with your data when:

  • Check the acceptance box of the Privacy Policy.
  • Click on the submit button of the form with your personal data.

Why do we obtain personal data?

The purposes with which we treat the data are the following:

  • Allow you to receive our monthly newsletter with news and updates from ReSPR Technologies.
  • Carry out actions to send communications of advertising content, or direct marketing on certain occasions.

For the execution of these purposes we will only ask you for the strictly necessary data. Always, and everywhere, only those essential data on which we have your consent will be processed.

On the other hand, and of course, if a competent Public Administration, Public Administration, Courts or Tribunals require information, we are obliged to provide it, as well as in the event that a Law imposes an obligation to communicate information to a third.

On what topics will you receive publicity?

In the case of receiving advertising, it will be from ReSPR Technologies itself or advertising companies in it.

How long will we have the data?

The data will be kept as long as you have activity or decide to voluntarily unsubscribe by communicating by email or unsubscribing by clicking on the link in the footer of our newsletter or advertising.

What rights do you have?

Provide the data that you want to voluntarily provide.

To be able to unsubscribe at any time by communicating them through the email or by clicking on the footer of our newsletter or advertising.

What if you don’t agree with something?

If you do not agree with any of the terms specified in our privacy policy, you have the right to file a claim with the Data Protection Authority, Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

And what about the browsing data?

Navigation data is collected through cookies and other instruments, the information of which is collected in our cookie policy.

What do we expect from you?

Responsibility with the information you provide. In no case can we be held responsible for voluntary information that can be provided through comments or similar actions.

Can the Policy change?

The policy may change again as it has done for the last modification cited for May 25, 2018. You will always be subject to the authorities in charge of these types of requests.

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